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Welcome to the home of the #futurpopart Lifescience Edition.

A Sci-Illustrate exclusive 30 day challenge which led to some of the most inspired work i have made.

I welcome you to be a part of my creative exploration through the month of June 2018,

and join me in revisiting some scientific areas that are close to my heart.

- Dr. Radhika Patnala

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An ode to gfp

Biotechnology was revolutionized by the inception of the Green Fluorescent Protein aka GFP. It has, since then, helped in the discovery of many aspects in cellular dynamics and protein function. It is an understandable favorite of many scientific researchers.

To this extent, we at Sci-Illustrate wanted to put forward our own ode to GFP and highlight the contributions it has made to Science.

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remembering again

I call this artwork remembering again, as an ode to all those that lost much of themselves to neuropathologies like ischemic stroke, aka brain ischemia or cerebral ischemia.