Scientific Illustration Masterclass

2 Days Intensive Workshop for Life Scientists & Healthcare Professionals

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Want to learn how top journals make their beautiful scientific illustrations?

Want to better communicate your science or innovation?


Our aim with this intensive 2-Day workshop is to transfer knowledge, invest in your skill development and teach you how to use key professional tools to level up your scientific illustration and visual communication game.






Beginners to Advanced


Learning a new skill is not easy. We understand that.

Which is why we at Sci-Illustrate have meticulously honed our curriculum through the years of teaching professional science illustration to scientists like you, so that you can learn fast and learn exactly what is relevant to your work.

We will be guiding you through the fundamentals of graphic design and using Adobe illustrator in the context of life science, topping it off with a day of handling advanced case studies that will set you on your way to becoming an expert.


“The team at Sci Illustrate are extremely professional and produce high-quality images that are scientifically accurate. I would strongly recommend them to any one looking for high quality scientific images. They also run fantastic beginners classes for the use of Adobe Illustrator which are easy to understand and follow by every one, even with minimal computing knowledge.”
— Dr. Raghav Sundar, Assistant Professor, NUS

“I was introduced to Sci-Illustrate and their team via EuroSTEMPeers 2019. The Sci-Illustrate workshop held at CEITEC was exactly what I was looking for to help me express my love for science through great illustrations. Radhika Patnala and Arne Fabritius helped me to understand the basics of Adobe illustrator. With a solid foundation after attending the workshop, I was able to explore different ways to communicate my research in a simple yet catchy way. This gave rise to the first CEITEC research comics. I am thankful to both Radhika and Arne for helping me to get a much needed start into science communication via illustrations.”
— Nandan Varadarajan, PhD Student, CEITEC
“Illustration, a visual interpretation of a text or concept. As a scientific researcher, we often have theproblem of explaining our biological concepts to the broad audience. I signed up for the Sci-illustrate workshop organized at CEITEC with the minimal knowledge of Adobe Illustrator. The wonderfulteam of Sci-illustrate (Radhika & Arne) gave us an in-hand experience on the tips and tricks togenerate the magnificent illustrations to explain the biological questions/models. I would highlyrecommend the course for any stage of users.”
— Taraka Ramji Moturu PhD Student, CEITEC-MU, Czechia

“As a scientist I often need to process images connected with research. I signed up for the Sci-Illustrate workshop to learn basics of Adobe Illustrator as I need to prepare illustrations for a scientific paper. During this very intense workshop Radhika and Arne taught us basics of Adobe Illustrator as well as plenty of useful tricks. We were learning in small group, so everybody got help in case of trouble. The workshop was focused on Illustrator`s use for scientific purposes. I think it is an unique opportunity to attend this workshop, especially because it is different from other courses that are general and mostly focused in graphic design. I would highly recommend it.”
— Agnieszka Szmitkowska, PhD Student, CEITEC



Is this course for me?

If you are a young investigator, group leader, scientist, postdoctoral fellow, or a PhD student who would like to upgrade your visual communication strategy for your next presentation, conference or manuscript; yes, this course is for you. If you are a entrepreneur, business development and marketing specialist in the life science industry, this course is for you.

What will I learn?

Focused on the life sciences, within these 2 days we will take you from a beginners level to advanced proficiency, introducing you to the brilliant world of professional scientific illustration.

On Day 1 We will introduce you to Adobe Illustrator, basic tools, design principles and best practices to jump start your illustration and design capabilities.

On Day 2 We will introduce you to advanced tools and techniques using some more complex life-science specific case studies that will help bolster your capabilities and usage of the software in your research and visual communications.

You will walk away knowing exactly how to translate your science into beautiful professional looking scientific illustrations that your peers, reviewers, audience, investors can understand and appreciate.  




Director, Sci-Illustrate

With over 15 years of experience using Adobe Illustrator, and over 10 years using it for life science research, Radhika helps Biotech companies solve their design and communication problems, and also trains life scientists with key skills that can help them take their research performance and visual communication to the next level.

Arne Fabritius_sci-illustrate.jpg


Scientific Consultant, Workshop facilitator, Sci-Illustrate

An experienced workshop facilitator, and an avid user of Adobe Illustrator for over 7 years for life science research, Dr. Arne Fabritius likes to design his courses so that life scientists get the most knowledge and skill in the shortest amount of time. With his specially designed niche case studies, workshop participants can appreciate their newfound professional illustration capabilities and are ready to apply their illustration knowledge on the get-go!

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Hi All, happy to share that we are embarking on a new series called the


where we will showcase selected illustrations from our student submissions on our website.

*Only those who have attended a Sci-Illustrate Workshop are eligible.

You are all invited to submit an illustration, either technical, artistic, or informational to be considered.

Please note the following: 
1. The illustration needs to be made using ONLY Adobe Illustrator. 
2. We retain permissions to feature your illustration on our website and other Sci-Illustrate media channels 
3. You will always be given attribution whenever your image is featured or showcased by us. 
4. Please include a max 200 word write up elaborating on your illustration.
5. Please email your submissions consisting of a 300 ppi PNG and the original AI file to

Looking forward to your submissions!