Hi All, happy to share that we are embarking on a new series called the

Sci-Illustrate Workshop - Hall of Fame

where we will showcase selected illustrations from our student submissions on our website.

*Only those who have attended a Sci-Illustrate Workshop are eligible.

You are all invited to submit an illustration, either technical, artistic, or informational to be considered.

Please note the following: 
1. The illustration needs to be made using ONLY Adobe Illustrator. 
2. We retain permissions to feature your illustration on our website and other Sci-Illustrate media channels 
3. You will always be given attribution whenever your image is featured or showcased by us. 
4. Please include a max 200 word write up elaborating on your illustration.
5. Please email your submissions consisting of a 300 ppi PNG and the original AI file to radhika@sci-illustrate.com

Looking forward to your submissions!


Hall of Fame_Announcement-01.png