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Who are we?


Who are we?


Sci-illustrate is a group of passionate scientists and illustrators, lead by Dr. Radhika Patnala.

Visual communication of complex ideas and mechanisms is imperative to the biotech industry. 

   With this in mind, Sci-illustrate, with its base in Munich, Germany was conceived to provide life-science companies and universities with a reliable and scientifically informed platform for their design, business development & marketing needs.


Dr. Radhika Patnala

Founder & Creative Director

Radhika Patnala, PhD

Radhika Patnala, PhD

A valedictorian, Dr. Patnala received her doctorate in 2017 from National University of Singapore. Her doctoral research specialized in Neuroscience and Epigenetics. Before which she conducted a year of research in Cancer Biology during her Masters of Biotechnology (Hons) at The Australian National University.

Through Sci-Illustrate, she strives to bridge the line between science and art and uses her eclectic skill set to solve design problems for biotech and pharma.  

Sci-illustrate operates with an ultimate aim to enhance effective science communication within the research community and beyond.    


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Inspired minds


Inspired minds


WOMEN IN SCIENCE - sci-illustrate stories





Dr. Ju Lin Tan

Content Editor Women in Science, Sci-Illustrate Stories

Dr. Tan received her PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry in 2017 from La Trobe University, Australia, where she examined the interplay of bacterial proteases. Being passionate in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying human health, she joined Monash University, Australia, as a research fellow to study mitochondrial dynamics in a human cell. She is passionate about outreach activities and she enjoys bridging the gap between science and society.

In June 2018, she joined Sci-illustrate to participate in projects that aim to promote effective science communication to the scientific community and general public.





Dr. Eleonora Adami

Associate Editor/ Contributing Artist Women in Science, Sci-Illustrate stories

Eleonora Adami is a proud descendant of ancient Romans.

Eleonora did her doctoral research at the Max Delbrück Center in Berlin with a focus on translational regulation in animal models for cardiovascular and metabolic traits. She is now a postdoctoral research fellow at Duke-NUS in Singapore in Prof. Stuart Cook’s lab.

Eleonora thinks of herself as a carrier pigeon, always on the go, trying to find new adventures and challenges. Ok, maybe pigeons are not very adventurous, but they were once useful to deliver important messages. One of the messages she likes to bring across is that we need more art in scientific practices. Creative thinking benefits both disciplines.

 A passion for illustration has always accompanied her and percolates in her scientific work. She started the collaboration with the Sci-Illustrate team after attending their course on scientific illustration.




Keely Van Order,  MVA

Keely is an award winning, published artist with a Masters in Visual Art and a Psychology degree from the Australian National University.

While continuing her studies in the field of Psychology, she also teaches software, fine art and language courses in Canberra and Sydney, Australia  – teaching everyone from the occasional creative enthusiast to working professionals at the Department of Defence and Government House. 

She is highly motivated to combine her love for science (with emphasis on psychology and neuroscience) with her creative skills as a graphic illustrator. 

(Connect with her on LinkedIn, and be sure to visit her website to view her unique inspired graphics).